Guarantee & Warranties


Our craftsmanship is 100% guaranteed for 1 year.

Due to the fact that granite is a product of nature and colors, patterns, and fissures are completely out of our control; we cannot guarantee that materials will be an exact match to the sample provided.

Non-Guarantee Situations

Damage due to other trade personnel and/or damage, which occurs after G&M Stone Tops, has completed its initial installation.

Stains due to improper maintenance; please refer to our “Care and Maintenance” section. It is the customer responsibility to provide maintenance on the new countertops, such as cleaning the surface; re-caulking between counters and backsplash; re-caulking underneath the granite around the sink to protect from water penetrating through which may result in the sink becoming detached from the granite.

Due to the nature of some stones, there could be fissures and naturally formed crevices in the surface. These items are not considered under our guarantee due to their natural formations and at times can be undetectable at the time of fabrication.

If a repair is requested due to one of the above situations, it will be done at the customer’s expense.


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