Remnants & Small Projects

A granite remnant is a piece of stone that is a left over from a larger granite countertop project.

Big blocks of granite are taken from quarries and each block of granite is sliced by diamond gang saw into 42 to 45 slabs that are 1.25” thick. The consecutive 6 or 7 slabs are then packed together and called a bundle. Generally, these slabs will all look alike so that they can be used together for countertop projects. After all slabs from a bundle are utilized for different projects, the result is a pile of smaller granite pieces called granite remnants.

Granite remnants come in all different shapes and sizes as well as in a variety of colors. The remnants are perfect for small projects like bathrooms, laundry rooms, small bars, fireplace surrounds, or coffee tables, etc.

Please come by our 30,000 sq ft facility to view our remnants for your project. It helps if you bring a drawing, so we can estimate it right away.

Download the G&M Stone Tops Templating Worksheet