Stone Selection Process

Your G&M Stone Tops team will explain and expedite your stone purchase from start-to-finish; this gives you one service provider for all your needs.

A visit to the supplier warehouses to look for the perfect stone can be overwhelming. It is important to take your time and not feel rushed or pressured in choosing a product. Plan your visit with plenty of time to walk through the warehouse and possibly to multiple suppliers. Bringing samples of your cabinet, floor, and wall will be useful in your search.

Once you arrive in the “slab department” their staff will ask if you are working with a fabricator, at this time please give them our name, G&M Stone Tops. Products are arranged by Group starting with Group 1 (most economical) to Exotic (most expensive); when you see a slab color you like, write down the name and number; there could be multiple slabs under that name and the warehouse will pull the slabs for you to view and inspect.

Please remember, we are more than happy to meet you at any of the suppliers to assist in this process. We also offer the service of assisting in the layout of your selected slab in our fabrication shop before cutting of the slab; just contact us for an appointment.


Preferred Stone Suppliers